"One man, one 3/4 scale guitar, Milo Jones is an ascendant star in the elite pantheon of modern-day crooners. His super sensitive mix of Lee Hazlewood and Leonard Cohen is served up with just a hint of understated irony, while languidly oozing sincerity and warmth. Weird, but kind of heavy and beautiful, too. Which I guess makes it really weird." Don Bolles (Germs, Ariel Pink, Ye Olde Ding-a-Ling / Hushe Clubbe host)

    "Milo Jones croons his little country songs in this sideways manner, sort of romantic, sort of crazy, sort of haggard. It's like if Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake, and some sleazy European playboy morphed into one person and then that person became a character in a hard-boiled detective novel. In other words, on his "Lifeline" CD (out of print) he covers Lee Hazelwood, Serge Gainsbourg, and Randy Newman right in a row, and his own songs feel like they might side with any of them (or more likely, all of them at once). Which is all just to say that Jones is unique, that his music sounds both of the gutter and of the plains. It's romantic and airy, but also very gritty, very real. The music on Lifeline is timeless, meaning both that it sounds old and new at once and that the album stretches out in front of you in a way that's so easy to get lost in." Dave Heaton, Erasing Clouds

    "The Jones that is Milo makes me smile for miles and miles. His eclectic musical trail takes a sharp left turn into a suprisingly luscious grove where notes fly like pretty little bluebirds amidst a midsummer's daydream." Linda Wolfe - BB Gun Magazine

    "Milo is one of the most eccentric and interesting characters on today's folk circuit, with a compelling persona that can rival any other's... when he's working his mini-guitar with complex and intricate guitar lines, singing through a shocking range of notes and emotions, he captures attentions and holds listeners just as well as any full band could hope to." Baron, Tiny Mix Tapes

    "Milo Jones is a character to watch - and possibly watch out for. What else to say about a guy who poses nude (full frontal) inside his "Sassy Trax" CD (out of print) and yet whose music is so special? Jones has been described as an amalgam of Chet Baker, Tom Waits, and Dracula... but we like Jones better than Waits. He seems influenced by everyone, but sounds like only himself. What sets Jones apart (from other “folkies”) is his unstudied oddness, a radiantly weird personality that matches his thoughtful playing and phrasing, as well as his choice of covers (Lee Hazlewood, Dino Valente, Randy Newman, Gainsbourg). We'll need to have our medication adjusted to sort out his magic any better than that, but we recommend him highly." Mike Wolf - Time Out New York

    "Witty, endearing, hilarious, and potty-mouthed, Boston alt-folkie (“alt,” as in alternate universe) Jones is a killer guitarist whose flat-pick motorin’ right hand leaves guitar geeks drooling while his pleasantly woozy (non-sappy) sentimental songs coyly inebriate like a red-wine-and-Valium buzz. Jones channels legends such as Reinhardt, Cohen, Porter, Veloso - fucking brilliant!" Shawn Bosler - Village Voice

    "...Milo Jones, a crooning trickster figure of the first order who exhibits a Cat Power-like ability to absorb any song-writer - Burt Bacharach, Bobby Russell, Iggy Pop - into his own rubber-lipped and impeccably picked acoustic universe." Matthew Duersten - LA Weekly

    "No one - and we mean no one - defiles the Great American Songbook with as much skill, poignance, and black-hearted wit as local gin-mill revenant Milo Jones, a cracked and mournful chanteur who plays guitar with astounding dexterity and delicacy, and when combined with his singular croak, his songs are arsenic personified." Carly Carioli - The Boston Phoenix

    "Nobody sounds like Milo Jones. He sings ballads so sincerely that he can sell sentimentality without the need to wink. From his unique voice to the rigorous way he arranges and performs his repertoire, he’s one of the most remarkable musicians tackling “the American songbook”, the classic popular and country songs that span eras and styles." Chris Dahlen - PitchforkMedia.com, Stylus Magazine

    "You can make comparisons all day, may it be Leonard Cohen, Paul Westerberg, or some other alt-folkie, but the final word is that there is little to no one that sounds quite like Milo Jones... strange, beautiful, and unique. He is a great guitarist, his voice is haunting, and I guess his morbid sense of humor is part of the charm." Hugh Miller - Unfinished e-zine

    "Milo is one of the few artists in my life that I wake up to and go to sleep to.” Joan As Police Woman - (Antony & The Johnsons, Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, etc).